Management Team

LensGen Ram

Ramgopal Rao
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rao is a successful entrepreneur in ophthalmology in both device and pharmaceutical areas. He is the inventor and founder of LenGen, Inc. and is also leading 2C Tech Corporation, a nanotechnology based device for the treatment of AMD and RP. Mr. Rao co-developed an innovative corneal implant device for presbyopia and co-founded Acufocus, Inc. Prior to that Mr. Rao founded Tomey Technologies Inc., that pioneered the corneal topography imaging technology that is now a standard of care in ophthalmology. Mr. Rao was President of Ophthalmic Group at Premier Laser, Inc.; a publicly held company. He also held various executive positions at Biorad Laboratories.

LensGen Mike L.

Michael Landreville
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Landreville has worked as a senior executive in various operating roles, including international operations with several major companies: 3M, Chiron Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Advanced Medical Optics and St. Jude Medical. He has successfully launched numerous surgical and medical device related products into global markets and lead successful efforts to bring new technologies from development through registration studies and commercialization. Mike has established an extensive network of relationship with leading ophthalmic surgeons around the world.


Thomas Silvestrini
Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Silvestrini has worked in research and development for 25 years beginning at Pfizer where he managed the development of specialty polymers, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, creating minimally invasive surgical implants and treatments in over ten surgical specialties. He joined his first start up in 1990 as VP of Research and Development for KeraVison, leading the first successful effort to develop the only FDA approved corneal implant. He founded Addition Technology in 2001 which was purchased by AJL Ophthalmic SA and sells a corneal device to treat Keratoconus. Tom was the CTO for AcuFocus, the developer of an intraocular lens and a corneal device to treat presbyopia, currently in phase II clinical testing. Tom then became CTO for Transcend Medical, the developer of an easy to implant micro shunt to treat glaucoma, currently in phase II clinical testing. Tom has 49 issued patents and 64 pending patents in the medical device field.

LensGen Dan

Daniel Brady
Director of Engineering

Mr. Brady has worked in ophthalmology research and development for 20 years. He has worked in a number of different areas including accommodating IOLs and IOL insertion devices. He began his work with Allergan on silicone IOLs as well as IOL insertion devices. As a Principle Research Investigator while at Advanced Medical Optics, he managed a variety of research projects including insertion devices, refractive IOLs and accommodating IOLs. He continued to manage an accommodating IOL project as part of Abbott Medical Optics. Dan has 70 issued US patents and 65 US published patent applications pending.


Patrick Casey
Director, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Casey has spent the last decade working in the ophthalmic medical device industry. He began his career working in primary care with ophthalmologists at the Eye Care Center of Napa Valley after receiving his optometry degree from UC Berkeley. He eventually joined the staff at UC San Francisco as a practicing optometrist in their department of ophthalmology. There he gained extensive experience in advanced eye care and infantile pediatrics. UCSF also introduced him to the light adjustable lens technology and he joined Calhoun Vision (now RxSight) in 2009. He managed OUS studies, and Phase II and Phase III US IDE studies at Calhoun that recently culminated in an FDA approval. Dr. Casey joins LensGen with a strong interest in advancing presbyopia correcting IOL technology in the US market.