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Technology - LensGen, Inc.


The Juvene™ Intraocular Lens technology is unique because it mimics the natural human lens and uses the eye to change the curvature of the lens implant and restore youthful vision. Following natures template the engineers at LensGen® have developed a biomimetic device with the inherent ability to change curvature similar to the natural human lens. In doing so the team at LensGen® has taken the next step forward in developing a superior and breakthrough technology in the surgical treatment of cataracts and presbyopia.

The surgical procedure for the Juvene™ Intraocular Lens is the same as conventional cataract surgery which is performed in over 28 million cases annually around the world.  Juvene™ has undergone an extensive computer modeling study with a leading professor and expert in computer modeling. Advanced engineering and analysis tools were used to design and fabricate the lens.

Juvene® Emulates the Natural Crystalline Lens