About Us

LensGen® is an ophthalmic medical device company that has developed a biomimetic, Curvature Changing Fluid-Optic Intraocular Lens designed for the treatment of cataracts and presbyopia.

When we reach an age of 40 we begin to lose the ability to focus at near objects. The medical term for this condition is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is the loss of accommodation that occurs when the eye’s natural lens becomes less elastic due to aging.

Human accommodation works similar to the autofocus feature on a camera except human eyes adjust to distance and near objects through tiny muscle contractions within the eye that either thin or thicken the shape of the natural human lens.  Juvene™ is designed to fit inside the same location as the natural human lens and adjusts dioptric power on demand through curvature change by using the same tiny muscle contractions that occur within the eye.